TECNICHE DI VETRO Windscreen Replacement South Africa

About Us

Veltrio™ Automotive Glass is devoted to be top quality Automotive Glass Manufactures in the World, its' driven with a passion for Automotive Glass Excellence. Thus Veltrio™ it Italian synonyms with Glass technology(Tecniche Di Vetro), meaning we invest heavily in Research & Development(R&D) in the latest Glass Technology providing you with Safe, Top Quality Glass.

Veltrio™ is being distributed through out the whole world ranging from North America (US), United Kingdom (UK), Italy (IT) and Western Europe.

Veltrio™ has been in the Automotive since 1994, the group manufactures both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Aftermarket Glass (ARG) under the same production line. The Production Line, uses same raw material, techniques, process and quality control in order to assure top quality glass manufactured.